1. Cheating, server exploits and alternative accounts.

2. Behavior and chat

3. Griefing (Towny only)

How and where do I appeal my punishment?

You have the chance to appeal for any punishments provided by staff. To do so visit our dedicated discord server for support and ban appeals found here (this server is different from our main discord server). Use the
-apply command to recive a DM and choose which form you would like to fill out

How do I report a player breaking the rules?

Please join our support discord server here and start a new support ticket by running the command “-apply”. A DM will be sent after your type the command. You do not have to wait for staff to reply here, instead provide as much evidence as you have of the player and which rules are broken from the list above.

Who is a player and who does above rules apply to?

Everyone playing on WildCraft Minecraft server or anyone part of our discord server is a player. Players cover all ranks.

Who is staff?

Anyone who holds the Mod, Admin and Owner rank is considered staff. Plugin developers are not staff although they may have access to support tickets so they can use your feedback to improve their plugins.

How do I report staff abuse?

Please contact GoogleIt#0001 through discord and provide as much evidence as possible.